Shipping Policy

Get information on delivery schedules and shipping charges.
Delivery Charges
Your delivery charges will depend on the products you order. These charges will be displayed during the checkout process.

Shipping Type Order Value Shipping Charge Cash on Delivery Charge
Standard Delivery (for household objects) Less than BHD 100 BHD 5 Not applicable
Standard Delivery (for household objects) More than BHD 100 Free Not applicable
Express Delivery (furniture or household) Any BHD 25 Not applicable
Scheduled delivery (furniture) More than BHD 100 Free Not applicable
Scheduled delivery (furniture) Less than BHD 100 BHD 10 Not applicable

If you’ve ordered furniture, you’ll be able to schedule a delivery date and time.

Any other product you order before 2:30 PM, Saturday to Thursday, we will try to deliver them the next working day. Orders placed after that time will be delivered in 3-4 business days.

Delivery service is only available in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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